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Vorena the Younger
First appearance How Titus Pullo Brought
Down the Republic
Last appearance De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Lucius Vorenus
(Father, presumed deceased)
Niobe (Mother, deceased)
Vorena the Elder (Sister)
Lucius (Brother)
Lyde (Aunt)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Anna Fausta Primiano

Valery Usai

Vorena the Younger is the second and youngest daughter of Lucius Vorenus and his wife Niobe.

Season One[]

Vorena is the youngest child of Vorenus and Niobe who was a very small child when her father left for Gaul to fight against Vercingetorix.

Several years later, her father returns but Vorena is scared and unsure about this strange man, causing Vorenus to ask his wife if she has a mental problem. Vorena is forced to hide her mother's secret and pretend that Lucius is the son of her elder sister and not her mother.

Vorena has a small role in the series and rarely speaks.

Season 2[]

After Vorenus discovers the truth about Lucius, he curses his family and abruptly leaves. Together with their aunt Lyde, the children help prepare their mother's body for the afterlife. While Vorenus is gone, his enemy, Erastes Fulmen, returns and takes the children and Lyde, selling them as slaves. While being transported by carriage to the mines, Lyde is able to escape, eventually meeting Pullo. With the help of Vorenus, the two are able to take back the children; Vorena being held with Luvius in the kitchens, whereas Vorena the Elder is forced to prostitute herself.