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Profession Merchant
Race Roman
Relationships Jocasta (daughter)

Posca (son-in-law)

Status Deceased
Actor/Actress None

Rufus Tranquillus was a wealthy Roman merchant and the owner of large stone quarries. He was the father of Jocasta. In Season Two, his name was added to the Proscriptions, at the request of Atia of the Julii.

History Edit

Tranquillus owned large stone quarries in the Roman territories, which made him immensely wealthy. His daughter Jocasta often spoke of how her families' wealth afforded them great privileges. In the Season Two episode Philippi, Antony and Octavian re-establish the Proscriptions, writing down names of their political opponents and enemies, including Cicero.

Feeling that Jocasta was a bad influence on Octavia, Atia wanted Rufus added to the list. Later, when Jocasta reaches Atia's villa, supposedly tortured and raped, she tells the two that her family, including Tranquillus, were all murdered in the dead of night. Like all the other men added to the lists, Tranquillus had his lands and wealth confiscated, which was supposedly used to pay and arm the Roman legions.

Jocasta would later be married to Posca.