First appearance The Stolen Eagle
Last appearance Kalends of February
Profession Slave
Race Gaul
Relationships *Lucius Vorenus (Dominus, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Alessio Di Cesare/David Quinzi

Rubio (real name unknown) was a slave taken from Gaul after the defeat of Vercingetorix who was owned by Lucius Vorenus

History Edit

Rubio, his mother and many other people from Gaul were enslaved by the Romans, and put into cages and divided between several Roman officers. While in Rome, a sickness spread that killed everyone in the crate except for Rubio. Seeing that Rubio was all that was left of his stock, Vorenus took Rubio back to his home, intending to sell him once the boy was healthier and fed.

He was named Rubio by Vorena the Younger, after her bird that died prior. Rubio settled in at Vorenus's home, usually seen playing games with Vorena.

Despite Vorenus's original intention to sell Rubio, the slave remained in the household even after Vorenus's return from Egypt.

Together with Vorena the Younger, he witnessed the last moments of one of his fellow slaves, killed by Titus Pullo, before being led away by Niobe. He also appeared with the rest of the household during Vorenus's first sitting as Aventine magistrate, standing directly behind his dominus.

Several days after accompanying the family to their country estate for a blessing ceremony, Rubio was responsible for cutting the bonds of a convalescing Pullo. Perhaps remembering Pullo's earlier violence, Rubio immediately fled the room.

Rubio does not appear and is not mentioned in Rome's second season. He may have been captured and killed or sold on by Erastes Fulmen, who had attacked the Vorenus household and kidnapped the family.

Personality Edit

Rubio does not speak in any appearance, and only yelps once during the first scene of Egeria. This seemed to have been a common point with the similarly tactful Vorena the Younger.

Besides playing with Vorena the Younger, Rubio rarely displays visible emotion and seems to be relatively docile. During Vorenus's session as a magistrate, Rubio can be seen crossing his arms and seeming generally frustrated with the proceedings. He is also afraid of Titus Pullo after witnessing his murder of Eirene's lover.