First appearance The Stolen Eagle
Last appearance De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
Profession Body Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Atia (Domina, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Lidia Biondi

Merula is Atia's dedicated and patient body slave.

Season OneEdit

Little is known about Merula's past. She is Atia's personal slave and also acts as her confidant and assistant, running various errands such as delivering messages.

When Antony slaps Atia, Merula draws a knife and advances on their bed in case Antony continues his assault. In addition to all other duties, slaves were expected to safeguard their masters; those who failed to prevent an attack on them could legally be put to death.

To get her revenge, Atia orders Timon and his men to assault Servilia's litter, which they do, dragging the woman out into the street and exposing her bare breasts. Merula rushes over and cuts her hair before running off with Timon and the others.

Before Caesar's funeral, Antony (still in bed) makes a crude remark about how he's never "fucked a woman in a funeral dress". Atia retorts that he isn't about to start now and Anthony tells a shocked Merula to "Come here, old girl, jump on!". To please Antony, Atia has Merula fetch one of the German slaves in the kitchen.

Season TwoEdit

Servilia pays a young boy, Duro, to get a job in Atia's household and posion her when the time is right. Before being brought dinner, Atia demands to hear music, but is told by Castor and Merula that the flute girl is sick and the lyre player has died. She learns from Merula that the kitchen slave Althea sings well and she is brought out. Althea nervously begins to sing, her beautiful voice enchanting Atia and her slaves. Suddenly, she stops and collapses, gasping for breath. Merula announces that it was poison (Althea had tasted some of the poisoned food) and soon Duro is caught, tortured and killed.

Trivia Edit

  • A literal translation of female body slave in Latin is Serva Corporis.
  • A common Latin term for a personal body slave would have been an Ammanuensis.