First appearance Son of Hades
Last appearance Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus
(No God Can Stop a Hungry Man)
Profession Mob Boss
Race Roman
Relationships Lucius Vorenus (Rival, deceased)
Titus Pullo (Rival)
Status Deceased (killed by Gaia)
Actor/Actress Daniel Cerqueira

Gangster period.

Memmio was one of the many Colegian Bosses or Gangsters who rose after the fall of Erastes Fulmen. He first appear in the reunion in which Vorenus take control and breaks the Concordia statue. Later he appears with one of his men, a barbarian named Carbo, asking permission to take revenge on a noble who abused Carbo's nephew. Vorenus denies this request, leaving both Memmio and Carbo angry, and later Carbo takes his revenge anyway, which is punished by Mascius, for disobedience. Memmio later steals gold from Herodes, which he himself had robbed. Memmio learns of the location of the gold because he sends one of his men, Omnipor, to seduce Vorenus's daughter, and threatens to tell Vorenus about the affair unless she spies on her father and the L.VOREN for him.

By the time that Memmio and the other gangs take up arms against L.VOREN, Vorenus has already gone to Egypt, leaving Pullo in command of the gang. In the ensuing battle, Pullo first throws an axe killing Omnipor and later gets Memmio by his arms and bites his tongue off. 

" Pet " Period.

Memmio lives through the battle, but looses the ability to speak. He is also taken hostage by Pullo, who puts Memmio in a cage inside the L.VOREN. He appears hairy and dressed in rags, very different from the well dressed gangster he once was. In addition, he appears to have gone completley insane, and seems happy when Pullo or someone else throws him chicken bones or other food. Pullo tells Gala that he keeps Memmio alive to remind himself and others of what happens to men who lose their modesty. In any case, at one point Memmio uses one of the bones that is thrown into his cage to escape. Before his escape is noticed, he hits Pullo in the head from behind, knocking him out. Memmio is about to kill Pullo when Gala shows up and kills Memmio by hitting him over the head with a clay jar. Before she is able to, however, Memmio stabs her several times and she dies soon thereafter.


  • Despite being a rather infamous and violent gangster type, Memmio is only seen carrying out 1 murder throughout the entire series.