First appearance Son of Hades
Last appearance A Necessary Fiction
Profession None
Race Judean
Relationships Timon (Father)
Deborah (Mother)
Bec (Sister)
Yesh (Brother)
Levi (Uncle, deceased))
Status Active
Actor/Actress Julienne Liberto

Mary is the eldest daughter of Timon.

Season TwoEdit

Timon's family, including his daughter Mary, are introduced in Season Two. Mary plays a minor role as the dutiful daughter and is Jewish, like her parents. After her father refuses to murder Servilia on Atia's orders, he rediscovers his Judaism with the help of his brother, Levi, who has fled Jerusalem.

After Timon accidentally stabs and kills his brother, he decides to pack up up his belongings and together with Mary and the rest of his family, leave Rome to start a new life.