Lucius Septimius
First appearance Pharsalus
Last appearance Caesarion
Profession Mercenary
Race Roman
Relationships Ptolemy XIII (Employer, deceased)
Actor/Actress David Kennedy

A Roman living in Alexandria. He greets Pompey on the Egyptian shore and subsequently beheads him. From the short conversation they had, it can be deduced Septimius served with Pompey in Spain before he worked as a mercenary for the Egyptians. When Caesar is in Alexandria, he demands the murderer of Pompey after the Egyptians show him the victims head as a "present". The Egyptians send Septimius to Caesar with a message, which is in fact a dead warrant as it states that he himself is Pompeys murderer. Septimius is, in turn, beheaded on order of Caesar and his head is put on a spike next to the palace gate.