Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
First appearance Heroes of the Republic
Last appearance A Necessary Fiction
Profession Politician
Soldier Senator
Race Roman
Relationships Octavian (Ally)
Mark Antony (Ally, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Ronan Vibert

Lepidus is a member of the Second Triumvirate with Octavian and Mark Antony

He seems to be the least ruthless of the three and is sometimes a bit overlooked or even ignored by his partners. 

He expresses concerns about the proscriptions initiated by Octavian and Mark Anthony (who don't listen to his complain) and also keeps the names of senators, which spoke to him in worry that the triumvirate might introduce a tyranny, secret from Mark Anthony, telling him that they spoke to him in confidence. 

When the triumvirs are about to divide the Roman Empire, he again objects, saying that "Rome is a very complex machine" and that "one can't simply chop it up like cabbage", but Mark Anthony silences him.  

Mark Anthony then takes a sword and slices a map, which shows the Roman Empire around the Mediterranean Sea, in a straight line from north to south, with the west going to Octavian and the east to Mark Anthony. Lepidus then asks what his share would be, whereupon Mark Anthony carves out Africa from the map and gives that map piece to him.