First appearance These Being the Words of
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Last appearance De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Posca (Husband)
Octavia (Best Friend)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Camilla Rutherford

Jocasta is a young Plebian woman, daughter of the wealthy merchant Rufus Tranquillus and close friend of Octavia.


Jocasta is introduced in Season 2, having just arrived back to Rome after joining her father on business in Macedonia.She is good friends with Octavia, and introduces her to orgy parties and smoking hemp. Atia finds her to be a bad influence on her daughter (not to mention socially beneath her), but Jocasta seems mostly unaware of Atia's insults.

In an attempt to rid herself of Jocasta, Atia adds her father's name to a list of nobles Marc Anthony and Octavian intend to have killed (or ruined) to gain wealth. Though they at first reject her offer, Anthony and Octavian reconsider after Posca mentions that her father is very wealthy, gaining his fortune in stone quarries.

The plan backfires; however, when Jocasta frantically throws herself inside Atia's home, begging for help after her entire family is murdered - she also hints at being sexually violated during the assault. Atia relents and allows her to stay until marrying her off to Posca. Though Jocasta is bitterly sad and nervous on her wedding day, it proves to be a harmonious match: Posca spoils her.

When Marc Anthony leaves for Egypt, Posca and Jocasta follow. She adopts the Egyptian style (as Cleopatra hates everything Roman) and seems mostly content. As the years pass; however, Posca begins to loathe and fear the power Cleopatra has on Anthony and uses the arrival of Anthony's true wife Octavia as an excuse to flee back to Rome. Even though it meant leaving behind all their wealth, Jocasta is happy to leave, for she also fears the war that will soon come.

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