First appearance The Stolen Eagle
Last appearance An Owl in a Thornbush
Profession Unknown
Race Roman
Relationships Octavia (Wife)
Atia (Mother in law)
Octavian (Brother in law)
Status Deceased (Killed by Timon)
Actor/Actress Rob David

First husband of Octavia. He is eventually killed by Timon upon orders of Atia. Glabius seems to be from a rich noble family, but is without political importance. Still, he is known by name to powerful characters like Caesar and Pompey. and is politically at Pompey's side.

Glabius first appears in a party with Octavia. But when Atia plans to make Octavia Pompey's wife, Glabius becomes a problem. Atia forces Octavia to divorce him, and tells him that it was by Caesar's hand. Glabius appears in front of their house crying and pleading to prevent Octavia's leaving, being called effeminate by Atia. Octavia, when rejected by Pompey, desires to go back to him, but is denied by Atia who claims that Octavia can get a more powerful husband. Glabius once invaded Atia's house but was caught by her. Glabius and Octavia continued to see each other at night in brothels, but Atia ordered Merula to send someone behind them, who discovers them. Atia then sends Timon to kill him; before he is killed, Glabius realizes that Atia is responsible. Glabius' body is later brought into Atia's house in a cart, making Octavia cry desperately and making Atia angry.

Historical basis

The character of Glabius is probably based on Gaius Claudius Marcellus Minor, the true first husband of Octavia Minor, whom she was forced to divorce. However, Gaius had three children with Octavia and died a short time before she married Antony.