First appearance Egeria (episode)
Last appearance Egeria (episode)
Profession Slave
Race Unknown
Relationships Octavian (Client)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Francesca Fowler

Egeria is a prostitute in a high-end brothel in Rome.

Rome Edit

When Atia decides that Octavian should lose his virginity, she instructs Pullo to take him to an appropriate brothel to get the deed done. Octavian is presented with an assortment of attractive women and teenage boys and chooses Egeria.

They retire to a private room and, after hearing the sad tale of her murdered family, instructs her to get on her hands and knees, implying indifference to her fate. When Octavian emerges from the chamber, Pullo asks how it went, but the response is one of awkward indifference. Egeria; however, replies that he was "like bull".


  • Egeria is a figure of Roman mythology — a water nymph and sympathetic spirit to women. The eponymous nymph was famous and revered for having given wise counsel to ancient king Numa Pompilius; the name is still commonly used in French to mean the female inspirator of a political man.