First appearance How Titus Pull Brought
Down the Republic
Last appearance Passover
Profession Unknown
Race Roman
Relationships Niobe (Friend, deceased)
Lyde (Friend)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Anna Francolini

Clarissa is minor character and a friend of Niobe's.

Season OneEdit

Clarissa is a Roman woman who is friends with Niobe. The two women are comfortable around each other and Niobe tells her friend that she does not love Vorenus and doesn't know whether she wants him back or not.

Clarissa helps Niobe board up the house as Caesar's army approaches and vandals run wild in the streets (though, as Clarissa puts it, she doesn't see the reason to put up boards as if someone wants in, they will get in).

She later appears at a feast thrown by Vorenus and Niobe in honor of the god Janus.