First appearance An Owl in a Thornbush
Last appearance Passover
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Caesar (Husband, deceased)
Servilia (Enemy, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Haydn Gwynne

Calpurnia is a Roman noblewoman and the wife of Caesar.


Calpurnia is the dour and formal wife of Caesar whose family fortune has helped Caesar fund his military campaigns. She joins him at one of Atia's parties and is introduced to Servilia, her husband's former mistress. At the end of the party, Caesar instructs his men to take her home but insists that he has other business to attend to. Calpurnia is aware that this "business" means a night with Servilia, but does not protest. Caesar soon spends many evenings in leisure with Servilia.

Atia, jealous of the influence Servilia has over Caesar, hires Timon to plaster erotic graffiti of Caesar and Servilia all over Rome. Humiliated and mortified after she becomes a crude joke to the Roman public, Calpurnia threatens divorce unless Caesar ends his relationship with Servilia. Since Caesar still needs her family's political and financial support, Caesar does so, and Servilia is livid.

Calpurnia begins having nightmares that allude to Caesar's death, including a flock of crows in the shape of a skull. She insists it is an omen, but Caesar ignores her, disregarding Calpurnia's suggestion to leave Rome.

Following Caesar's death, Antony advises Calpurnia to flee north with him, Atia and the children, but she refuses to do so and insists they must attend to Caesar's will.

When Servilia arrives to say goodbye to Caesar, Calpurnia spits in her face, but allows her into the room.