First appearance Caesarion
Last appearance De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
Profession None
Race Roman/Greek
Relationships Cleopatra (Mother, deceased)
Titus Pullo (Father)
Caesar (Alleged father, deceased)
Vorenus (Guardian, deceased)

Helios (Maternal half-brother)
Selene (Maternal half-sister)
Octavian (Adoptive-brother)

Status Active
Actor/Actress Max Baldry

Caesarion is the illegitimate son of Cleopatra and Titus Pullo, having been conceived days before Cleopatra returned to Alexandria to ally herself with Caesar. 

From birth, Caesarion is believed to be the son of Gaius Julius Caesar

Season 2 Edit

After the assassination of Caesar, Octavian is legally adopted by Caesar as his sole heir. Meanwhile Cleopatra travels to Rome in order to have Caesarion recognised as Caesars heir, in which she is refused.

Caesarion attends a party at Atia's villa, beginning a silent rivalry with Octavian, who actively poses a threat to Octavian's inheritance.

Caesarion later becomes a half-brother to Cleopatra and Mark Antony's twin children, Helios and Selene. When Alexandria is besieged by Octavian, Cleopatra trusts that Vorenus will help Caesarion survive and travel with him to Rome, where he will live in secrecy with his true father Titus Pullo. Pullo meets them on their way Rome, where Pullo informs the boy of Cleopatra's suicide. The next day, Roman scouts discover that Vorenus and Pullo are trying to smuggle Caesarion to Rome, resulting in Vorenus being mortally wounded. Eventually, Caesarion, Pulls and the wounded Vorenus return to Rome. After returning a dying Vorenus to his family, Pullo meets with Octavian after his triumph, and lies to him, telling him that he killed Caesarion, taking the boys head and disposing of it once it had rotted too much.

After Caesarion vows revenge on Octavian, Pullo informs him who his true father is.

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